We all know that cybersecurity is a growing part of our lives, as both business and personal issues are dealt with more and more often through online channels. This is why securing our data and communications is very important. The growth of online channels brings many opportunities for us to make our lives easier and more connected, but it also brings new opportunities for criminal activities.
"Investing in cybersecurity seems to be very important if you ask any tech-savvy company or individual, especially working in a bigger company or with more sensitive data. But how do we know if these investments are worth it? How to justify spending money on cybersecurity when there are other business opportunities with a clear return on investment and profit coming from them? "
"As Covid-19 came into our world and everyday life started to change drastically for everyone, working from home appeared to be the perfect solution for all jobs which didn’t need employees to be physically present at work in order to execute their daily tasks. This was the apparently ideal option, but since most people have very different standards and security practices for their home office, working from the encrypted or firewall protected office space in your company and working from your own living room can make a big difference. "
Data protection is an important topic, especially with most parts of our private lives becoming more and more accessible through digital channels. We now have online banking, social media with endless personal information, shopping apps, as well as healthcare consultations in digital form. It’s always important to know our data is protected, and we’re all well aware of the importance of keeping our credit card information safe, but let’s explore why this is also crucial when talking about our personal data in the healthcare environment.
In the past several years, drones have become a big topic in our lives. From conversations on their use and how they can be of assistance throughout multiple sectors, to their use for fun as well as the possible bad sides like security and privacy implications. So what is the situation right now, and how could the future of drone use be shaped to benefit us all?